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Pistache.brussels presents itself primarily as a cultural project. Indeed, this association arises from a simple observation: artists need to cultivate lasting and meaningful connections with event organizers and spaces dedicated to live music. Similarly, event organizers or music venues feel a difficulty in contacting artists who would perfectly meet the expectations of their audience. It is in this context that Pistache.brussels aspires to become the valuable intermediary perfectly immersed in the subtleties of the Brussels music scene. Its primary objective lies in the organization and promotion of cultural activities; music and artistic in the broad sense. By becoming this strong link, it ensures adequate connection between the artist and the event that suits them, while satisfying the organizer's requirements. "We connect the appropriate artist with the suitable venue, we connect the suitable venue with the appropriate artist." Pistache.brussels has established connections with artists from th e Brussels scene first, then from the Flemish and Walloon scenes afterward. Our growing database of artists allows us to create tailor - made music programs for the private or public partners we work with (La Gare Maritime Food Market, Le Super, Uckel’Air Fe stival 2021 for the Municipality of Uccle, l’Imprimerie, Continental, Fête de la Musique 2024 for the Municipality of Saint Gilles, Woodpecker.family kiosks, La Laiterie, Chez ta Mère, ...). In 2023, Pistache.brussels organized over 350 music events, welco med nearly 800 artists in a dozen different venues, gathering an audience per event ranging from 100 to 3500 people. We were able to promote artists from electronic, jazz, classical, and hip - hop scenes. We created as many DJ sets as live concerts.

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